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  • Unsure how to become a Consultant?
  • Wondering what is the most effective ways to get clients?
  • Confused about the client interviewing process?
  • Looking for proven guidance that actually works?

If you’re ready for a proven system with actionable information on how to become a successful Consultant and you’re absolutely ready to get started, our consulting programs can help. We deep dive into important consulting topics so you’re equipped to take the next step on your path to success.


Launch Your 6-Figure Consultant Career

These courses provide valuable information critical for your success!

We equip you with the tools and training you need to take your consulting career to the next level. You will learn essential skills, including how to identify your marketable expertise and develop your consulting career plan. You will also learn directly from Tonya Gilson, an experienced Negotiator turned Consultant.

Each course includes training with related material.   


 Launch Your 6-Figure Consultant Career

The Coaching 8-Week program, our signature program, teaches you how to become a Consultant, attract clients, and get paid what you are worth, plus learn consulting tips to support your success!

How do you know if Coaching 8-week Program is for you?

This program is perfect for you if:

  • You haven’t started consulting yet and want to transition into this profession as efficiently as possible
  • You’ve been looking for a legitimate way to make contacts and build relationships with Consulting Firms and Hiring Clients
  • You have great knowledge and experience to share and are impatient to get them in front of as many people as possible
  • You are ready to be paid what you are worth

This Course provides 8 weeks of webinars and Conference Calls along with lots of actionable material and information. You can take the time to study the lessons and complete the work in the comfort of your own home.

The Course Modules:

  1. Finding Your Ideal Client
  2. Understand How to Conduct a Client Interview
  3. Crafting your Consulting Pitch
  4. Calculate Your Value as a Consultant
  5. Learn the ins and outs of Consulting From an Insider



 Elevate your Brand and Performance as a 6-Figure Consultant

The Coaching Group Program provides 3 months of sessions with me in a group setting. Clients can expect 3 meetings per month along with supplemental material.

These sessions are both practical and transformational, with coaching for breakthroughs in consulting, client service, innovation and creative thinking.

By the end of the program, you’ll have your consulting business set up, you’ll be excited about your future and skillfully working toward making it happen.


Together we will:

  1. Design our key goals, with measures and a “roadmap” action plan to achieve results
  2. Learn a common framework and language to pursue a consulting career which:
    1. Accelerates achievement
    2. Simulates innovation, commitment, action
    3. Brings out the best in everyone



Achieve Ultimate Income, Influence, and Impact as a 6-Figure Consultant

This program is customized to your needs.

Typical client objectives vary, but we can cover becoming a Rock Star Consultant, succeeding as a Consultant,  increasing clarity and confidence, improving communication, obtaining a promotion, increasing sales, managing a business or team more effectively, and even to creating an entirely new career path.

This standard program is 3 months long, with a series of 3 phone meetings each month along with supplemental and actionable material.



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