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So, you want to become a consultant that earns a great income. But you’re struggling with making the jump from your current gig to consulting. And if you don’t have the right plan and the right tools, you will never reach your full potential.

If you have ever asked yourself:

  1. How can I become a 6-Figure Consultant?
  2. How can I land a paying client when I have no prior consulting experience?
  3. How can I navigate this tough economy and the fierce competition?
  4. How do I navigate through the consultant contract negotiation process?
  5. How do I develop a strong network and target the ideal clients?
  6. When should I work with management consulting recruiters?
  7. How can I successfully work with clients on a consultant project?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then this blog is for you.

About this Blog provides valuable information, insight and coaching programs for people wanting to soar as 6-Figure Consultants.  The goal is to help you become a 6-Figure Consultant by providing you with the right information and resources.

About Tonya Gilson

Hello! I’m Tonya Gilson. Prior to being a Consultant, I worked with many companies to teach people the skills of interviewing and developing their career path strategies. In addition to being an Executive at Fortune 100 companies, I have hired Consultants, worked on projects with Consultants, and worked for several years as a Consultant. Here are a few highlights from what I’ve accomplished during my career as a Consultant:

  1. Made six figures annually from consulting alone.
  2. Received multiple contract extensions.
  3. Landed job offers from clients.
  4. Developed a strong network of Consultants and Hiring Managers.
  5. Mentored other professionals.
  6. Yielded many results.

Now  I want to help others reach the same level of success and make their dreams come true. SimplyGottaSoar is the mindset to move forward in pursuit of your goals. It was created for people wanting to define their niche, increase revenue, and live their dreams as successful Consultants. SimplyGottaSoar provides sound advice with encouraging messages from an experienced 6 -Figure Consultant.


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